Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

Doing what we love will makes us more engaged and dedicated towards our work and we will feel more productive and enthusiastic in building tents and shades

Work processes are the glue that holds things together and ensures that tasks are completed in a way that's systematic, organized, and involves as few dropped balls as possible.


We are the creative company for umbrellas, one of the pioneers in the manufacture of umbrellas in Qatar – Our company was established in 2016 AD from this time and we seek to gain the trust of our valued customers and keep pace with the continuous development movement in the field of umbrellas.

The company is also interested in participating in many exhibitions inside the State of Qatar to present its vision in line with the vision of the State of Qatar 2030 . The company pursues a policy of modernizing its tools, equipment and technical cadres to keep pace with the continuous development of umbrellas in the Qatari market . Given the company’s interest in its customers, it has endeavored to give to the customer .

10 years (actual warranty) against manufacturing defects to satisfy the customer and gain confidence. For our confidence in our products .

Finally, the company sets its sights on after-sales service, as it pays great attention to it, as the company has provided a hotline for customers to communicate throughout the week .

About our online store

It is to build high quality and value umbrellas at the lowest costs while giving the customer a real warranty period against industry defects .

We seek to be the success partners of the State of Qatar in the world of umbrellas. As the State of Qatar is witnessing a qualitative leap in the manufacture of umbrellas, as it is an important element and a major component in the construction of hotels, restaurants and contemporary sports stadiums.

·         Customer Satisfaction
·         Quality Products
·         Product Selection
·         Innovation
·         Ability to Fit Any Size
·         integrity
·         respect